Ok, so here goes

Hello everybody out there, and welcome to my blog. I guess it’s no groundbreaking thing, since there are about a gazillion blogs out there in the world, but for me it’s new. I’ve very recently discovered dooce and it has really enriched my life over the past few days – and kept me from working, of course. Then all these ideas about themes that I would like to write about myself started popping up in my head. All this indooced inspiration couldn’t just fill a list on a sheet of paper for long so I thought heck, why not try it yourself.

I asked a good friend, who bloggs himself (–> links), how the easiest way to start this would be. And here I am, giving a shot at my very most first creative outlet. Soon to come will be a more extensive about-page, so you can understand where I get my ideas from and what this is supposed to be – well – about. I’ll probably also include a biografy page, so that noone has to be confused anymore (it’s pretty complicated once I get in to it).

To start off, here’s the jist: I’ll be writing about things I’ve read recently or thoughts that occupy my brain, and I would like to have the most diversified conversation possible resulting from it. Hence the english. So please pass this on – I don’t want fame, I just want lots of different opinions. Oh and sometimes I’ll just be writing nonsense for the hell of it. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Ok, so here goes

  1. hey hon, how great to have a fellow blogger now! and how much more exciting to read all your posts than to work on my thesis. long live procrastination…

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