A random list of American food I would totally kill for and dearly miss

(In no particular order):

Fruit roll-ups


root beer

fig newtons

pop tarts

lucky charms

hot dogs – with the works (including but not limited to: french’s mustard, heinz ketchup and relish)


reeces pieces

marshmallows (preferably in a swiss miss)

buttered popcorn – oozing

Ben & Jerry’s (there simply is no better ice cream!)

peanut butter with grape jelly (the really purple kind)

Dr. Pepper

Mountain Dew

Cheese Cake (with a little red fruit coulis would be nice)

Key Lime Pie

Carrot Cake (don’t even think of leaving out the frosting)

Margarita Mixes

Butterscotch (on cookie dough ice cream – and I’m in Heaven)


Bagels, with Lox spread


Lemonade, out of a cardboard can

Pancakes and maple syrup

Bacon and maple syrup, with hash-browns

French toast (with maple syrup!)

Sour cream

Anything and everything that comes as a mix, where there’s hardly anything left to do, and voila

Mac&Cheese (the really orange kind)

Soft chocolate chip cookies

Fudgy brownies (or just fudge)

Jelly Beans

Sour balls, fireballs and jawbreakers

Candy hearts and candy canes


anything cinnamon-flavored


nerds (the candy, not the people)


ice cream sandwiches

smores (on an open fire)

doughnuts (from dunkins)

BBQ sauces (from hunts)

I am soooo missing the US right now, it’s not even funny. And yes, I would either be fat or would have to work out a lot.

3 thoughts on “A random list of American food I would totally kill for and dearly miss

  1. Actually we do, but since it’s english I didn’t put it up there – but I know it’s good 😉

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