There are no words

Ok, so this is not the newest news, but it’s shocking enough to be written about, even later. On several of the sites I visit regularly, I was introduced to this book:

It’s about “teaching” your kids about plastic surgery.

My personal favorite of the lines I could read out of the pictures is: “Not only different dear, prettier!”. Now isn’t that the ultimate goal we all want to pass on to our children? And of course, if you click on the bandaged nose of the mother on one of the pictures, it redirects you to – where else – the website of the genius plastician who wrote the damn thing.

I mean seriously – how does it come to this??

For all of you who want to do this to yourselves – here are some links to learn more about this book:    For more pictures     For more douchebaginess        For in case this just totally opened your eyes and you’re like, this is so rad, I really need to go butcher myself too.

I sincerely hope you are all as appalled as I am.


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