… about who’s going on to my website. So far, akismet has caught 20 spam comments. As for the real comments, they amount to 5. Now I’m not complaining, because this blog has been loads of fun and a whopping 426 people (yay!) have visited cloud razors since it’s creation 29 days ago. I might have to realize that, if only 5 have posted something – well maybe there just wasn’t anything interesting to say.  I would like to find more time to write, though, so if I do find more creative-friendly time, it would not just be about some little things to fill the day, but also about bigger topics. If no one wants that either, I’m open for suggestions.


2 thoughts on “Worried…

  1. don´t worry – you´re doing well 🙂
    by the way: it would be smashing if you had a Macaron recipie 😀

  2. Kein Stress, ist nur immer aufwändiger, auf Englisch zu lesen 😀
    Bei mir liest ja auch keine Sau, die klauen immer nur Bilder ^.^

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