Sensitive people and those with heart conditions please refrain from reading – I am having a GOOD MONDAY *gasp*

Hello everyone, my name is Bubkes and I’ll be your narrator for today. Please let me welcome you to this fine day to start off what will hopefully be a fine week. (no, I am not being sarcastic, really!)

To the story: last week was not good for me. Like, at all. The following might not be any of your business, but I kind of have to tell it so that you can understand part of my glee today. The last few times I met my BF we didn’t get along that well. Actually, it wasn’t that we weren’t getting along, is was that we were both stressed out and frustrated, which led us to reacting differently than usual, thus giving way to many misunderstandings [Note to self: you sound like a psychologist, stop it, and talk normal again]. So the brief moments we could spend together (he was very busy with several things, and then I had stuff to take care of) mostly ended with me in tears (yes, I’m outing myself as a cry baby – it’s not that the situation was that bad, it’s that I get emotional real fast) and him in anger (not necessarily against me). But this week-end – wonder of wonder, miracles of miracles (who gets the reference? huh? anybody?) – we worked it out. Which in psych terms means we talked it out, and finally understood each other again. This probably has to do with the fact that some time has passed which aloud us to digest, and that he now has more time again and I’m sorting things out. [Note to the BF: if you don’t want any of this on public display, let me know, and I’m really sorry in advance]. I think what really made me lose my shit (pardon the expression) is that I’m not accustomed to things not clicking instantly between us. I am, on the other hand, totally used to fighting with bf’s, from the past, and I could do that pretty well. But he really is the best I’ve ever had, and there are so many great things about this relationship that it completely blows my mind. And I have been planing to write a post about that since this site exists, so be prepared for much mushiness no one is used to hearing from me, because lets face it, I’ve never been the open romantic. Long story short: all is well again in BF town and he is my biggest comforter.

Next on the list: the academics. Here, the bad news have been piling up all of last week. First, I had been alerted that at some point I had to make a presentation about my diploma thesis at the journal club of the institute for which I work. That wasn’t really a big deal, since I had already made up a presentation about that for the graduate’s colloquium at the university. The thing here is, that they gave me a real short notice to make it. But that still wasn’t the problem, since I made it in time – a week before presenting. I sent it to my supervisors with some questions and got these answers: 1. an automatic response saying she was on vacation, 2. an email saying “by the way, it has to be in english”. Now you might be thinking: what’s the big deal, you’re a native speaker (oh and while I’m at it: I’ve never heard an actual american use those words) and you write regularly in english on this here blog. Well, yes. Yes that’s true. But that doesn’t make up for the fact that the whole thing was already written out in german, that I’m used to talking about that in german and that I have no clue how to translate technical terms or to discuss such matters with professionals in english. Especially since “The Big Cheese” was going to be there – the chef chef, if you will. And she scares the shit out of me (oops, there I go again). I mean, I have very much respect for that person. But I did manage to translate my presentation in one day, so that it could then be discussed with my supervisors and tested on The BF and changed about three more times until it was ready. I was ready. I held it today. It went swimmingly (I love that word!). The Boss with capital B sadly couldn’t make it, but I held the discussion with the others pretty well (my supervisor said I gave good answers to the partly difficult critique) and talked for almost an hour (I never talk that long). Hurray for me! All went well, one stressful event less, and some compliments to top it.

On the same day we reviewed my presentation I got home only to read that I had been switched to another examiner for a very important test. Now even though pretty much all tests that are left are important for my diploma, the problem with this one was that I already failed it. Twice. Once for not signing off of it before the due date, once because my answers were apparently crap. So I have to use my “joker”, which I only have one of, to pass it again. Or to try, at least. And I thought my best shots would be with examiner C, because he has some prepare time where you get to see the questions and make notes, before going in and having to answer orally. Since I know this is a big deal, I’ve been learning for this oral test since march. And then I get home and read, just like that, that since too many people signed on for C, I had been bumped to examiner W. And W has never done this before, so there is no way to know what to expect. I was in shock. Alas, it was already 17 o’clock and no one answered the phone when I tried to complain about this. I had been bumped before, and never said anything, but this was very important. So I wrote a pretty pleading e-mail in the hopes of getting an answer. I had not, however, anticipated that the following day was a holiday, that they didn’t work on fridays, and that I shouldn’t be expecting an answer on the week-end anyway. So I sat, and pondered, and totally freaked out. I could get ex-matriculated and would never be able to study psychology in all of germany ever again, even though I’m already writing my diploma thesis. Today, because of the presentation and the relief thereafter, I wasn’t thinking about this when I opened my mailbox around three thirty in the afternoon. Then I see: I got an answer. Panic? No panic? Do I want to read this? Will it confirm my worst fears and ALL WILL BE OVER?? No, it did not. On the contrary, it went FUCKING GREAT (pardon my french, again, but I’m excited). She answered that she was terribly sorry of the mistake and that because of these circumstances she will of course re-sign me to examiner C.   YYYaaaaayyyyy!

And to conclude this glorious day (on which the weather was also very nice, I might ad) I will concoct me a scrumptious meal and zone out in front of one of my favorite pass time: series. Three final episodes. Oh boy.

4 thoughts on “Sensitive people and those with heart conditions please refrain from reading – I am having a GOOD MONDAY *gasp*

  1. oh honeybuns, i am so happy for you! amazing how all your troubles resolved themselves in such a short time. but how awful you must have felt when they hadn’t. =(
    btw i’m superjealous that you have so much time to blog while sadly never seem to get around to it anymore.

  2. Congratulations to you and to myself for understanding what you’re talking about here.
    Hail me for commenting in English.

    What series are you watching these days?
    Since I’ve already seen the last episodes of Scrubs and House MD my significant other and me had to find a new drug.
    Take a look at my latest blog entry… discovered a lovely new show for “grown ups” like us 😀
    Well mainly boobies and dirty talk, but you’ll like it.
    It’s called californication.

    See you on friday!
    I’ll bring along the first season of “Dexter” so you have something new to watch too.

  3. Hail you, Marc 🙂
    Right now I’m not watching anything anymore, since the seasons are all over. So I’m looking forward to Dexter, although I’m going to have to wait for my significant other (nice word!) to watch that one. Saw your entry on californication. My sister tells me I should watch project runway. Or I could start on Lost… oh, the possibilities of an addiction…

  4. hey, i can recommend a new show to you too: it’s called skins and is about british students and their problems with love, drugs, sex, anorexia, friendship, family etc. i really like it because i think it’s a lot more honest than most american shows. and of course i loooooooove the accent. =)

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