Mad Caddies!

A befriended band of mine, Another Guardian Angel, plays ska punk really well and does concerts full of funny people and good atmosphere (feel free to check them out and promote).

They are heading for a big breakthrough, because on July 3rd they will be opening for the MAD CADDIES. Now for anyone who doesn’t know the Caddies, I highly recommend to check them out, too. I’m currently listening to their 2007 album, “Keep It Going“. My favorite songs from that are “Coyote” (cool groove and lyrics) and “Riding for a Fall”. Especially that last one makes me think of a dear friend, who is currently going through a rough patch, whom I’d like to send tons of positive energy through this medium 😉

Kudos to AGA, hope you have a blast and become rich and famous and then send me some money 🙂


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