Not battling my addiction

In our psychiatric seminar last week, we learned that there is a biological component for addiction. Now usually I’m very sceptical about pointing out biological explanations for psychological problems, because that just gives people an excuse to say: I can’t help it, it’s a disease. (Read: it’s not my fault, so I’m not gonna do anything about it). What most people don’t get, is that every psychological problem is a disease. We don’t only treat loony bins and totally whacked up people, this is a science with specific methods and not just some voodoo crap. But I diverge…

I have, however, always believed that some people are more prone to addiction than others, and this was confirmed with that theory. They say (in short) that some people have less dopamine-receptors in their brains than others. This means that their “reward center” fires a lot more intensely when they do get stimulated by some gratification, such as drugs, sex or games. An experiment with rats showed that those little critters actually preferred tapping a pedal that was connected with that part of the brain (thus stimulating it), than eating, drinking or copulating. Conclusion: they died. So face it people: addiction kills!

In comparison to, lets say, The BF, I’m not very prone to addiction. I guess I have enough dopamine-receptors. He, on the other hand, must watch out for video games, should never try hard drugs, and would have a WORRIED SICK girlfriend the day he gets a Ducati. He was a smoker, the only flaw I ever saw in him, but quit nine months ago. He used to smoke a pack a day and had been smoking for many years, but one day he got a book, studied it thoroughly and just stopped, from one day to another. I am very proud of him for that.

After all this info about addiction and comparison to others, I started wondering what I could get addicted to. There was a time when I drank regularly, but it didn’t allure me that much. I’ve never smoked, neither cigarettes nor anything else, I’m just not curious about that kind of stuff. I have played video games as a child, but only at friends houses, because I never had my own and never really missed it. As for the sex – well that’s just none of your business. I do get very tempted by certain kinds of food, but I can usually hold back and not eat everything until there’s nothing left. But there is one thing… One thing that anyone who had known me for the last two years (yes, before that it was different) will start screeming about, it’s that obvious. People, my dear readers, I am what one may consider as – a series junky.

I say what one might consider as, since I myself do not admit to being a junky. For the simple reasons that there was a time when I didn’t have internet for 6 WHOLE MONTHS and still didn’t start running to my friends, banging on their doors and saying: give me more stuff! I need more!! I don’t neglect other areas of life for the sake of the series, they are not on my priority list and I haven’t gotten in any trouble because of them. I do, however watch a lot of them. So I may have to reconsider my label. So that you can understand just how much this has spread, let me count them up:


Those I only watch occasionally on TV (or have in the past):

  • American Dad
  • Family Guy
  • Simpson’s
  • Six Feet Under (so cool, I might just have to take that one up again and watch it in full)

Those I have watched in their entirety, but are now over and done:

  • Felicity
  • Friends (I have the ten year collection box!)
  • Gilmore Girls
  • My so-called life (Jared Leto and Claire Danes before they got known!)
  • Sex and the City
  • The O.C. (OMG how I miss that one!)

Those I watch regularly but are currently on break till next season:

  • America’s Next Top Model (better than the german one because: 1. the girls really look like models, 2. the callenges are bigger, 3. there’s more personality, 4. the order in which they get kicked out just makes more sense)
  • Desperate Housewives
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Heroes
  • House (comes with great facts of life like: “everybody lies” and “it’s not lupus!”)
  • Men in Trees
  • One Tree Hill (sooooo cheesy there’s nothing better. Oh, the DRAMA!)
  • Prison Break
  • Private Practice
  • Scrubs
  • The L Word
  • Weeds

Those I have recently started, to make up for the summer break:

  • Californication (found it a little crude to begin, but am now hooked, of course)
  • Dexter (waiting for The BF to start)
  • Project Runway (I thought at first this would be too much fashion for me, but it’s really entertaining. Interesting people and a whole new side of Heidi!)
  • Skins (honestly I’m not sure if I’ll continue this one. I just can’t relate to the characters and I don’t understand half they’re saying!)
  • The Tudors (Ah! The costumes! The accents! The history! The non-foul language! The porcelain skin that is only revealed after removal of many layers! OK, it’s misogynist, but I try to gracefully overlook that considering that sort of ignorant behavior was normal at the time)

I think you get the picture. But enough about me, what’s your addiction?


One thought on “Not battling my addiction

  1. you very well know what my addiction is… =)
    let me add that you must must must absolutely watch six feet under, even if there is a LOT of foul language (which i love)
    and you forgot to mention, that they take the most amazing fotos on antm!
    and as for project runway: i got bored with that really quickly.
    but if you ever need something new to watch, try friday night lights. it’s a bit like a cooler one tree hill with funny texas accents.

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