On the before-last three episodes (get it?) of my new favorite series, The Tudors, the word “f*cking” (I don’t swear) was dropped. In the last one I saw, twice, actually. There was also a mentioning of “cock” and “piece of sh*t” (notice the one I didn’t censor). Although that last one was directed at a french person, which milds it a bit… And – not that this botheres me, but it belongs to the same point – there were homosexual relations and a black man sitting in the kings entourage.

And all I’m thinking is: come on people, for christ’s sake, this is taking place around 1530! There will be no foul language in my picture of the 16th century, goddammit!


5 thoughts on “Shocked!

  1. so, here is something i would like to discuss with you: what is so wrong with swearing/foul language? i never got it and i would love for a sensible person like you to explain it to me so i can be enlightened =)

    here is a video that i find quite interesting in this context
    i’m pretty sure you’re going to hate penn & teller because they also have an episode where they talk bad about peta. but then again maybe you will find it interesting.

  2. You couldn´t do that with the English 😉 the f- word is probably one of the 100 most commen words 😉

  3. Thanks for the video! I already knew Penn & Teller, I like their sense of humor and the fact that they make fun of every side.
    I’m not like those people in the video, though. I don’t make up words to avoid cussing at all costs. And if someone else likes using those words, it’s their free choice. It’s just that I grew up in a household where not a single swear word was used, we learned to express ourselves otherwise. And I didn’t feel like I was doing something naughty or forbidden when I did learn the words, it was more like I was degrading myself. I guess I’m just offended by them and I think they’re unnecessary. When you don’t use swear words you learn to express your feelings in a more differenciated way. I think using “fuck” at every corner, as many americans do, kinda kills the language, and the point you’re trying to make. Sure, if I dropped a bowling ball on my foot I’d also shout out something in that order. But generally, if I feel the need to emphasize what I’m saying, I’d rathing use milder forms of “profanity” or paraphrase it. I just don’t want to sound vulgar. But in turn, that means when I do curse, you can be sure I mean business 😉

  4. hey thanx for the reply. very enlightening. how good to hear anti-swearing explained by a person with brains for a change =)

  5. Why thank you! 🙂 My main point with this post was actually that I just find it highly unrealistic from a historical point of view, but I guess it wouldn’t make the same impact if they said “the king is shtupping his mistress”… ah, the melody of yiddish…

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