white noise, white rage

I swear.

If I hear you letting your kids screech all day long, or you yelling with your partner, or slamming the doors one more time…

If I hear you playing that music so loud that the tea cup on my table looks like the water glass in Jurassic Park, that I can hear every word of it, starting at 6 a.m. and playing the same song for three hours on end one more time…

If I ever have to listen to what you want to see on TV because you have it that loud that mine can’t drown it out, one. more. time.

If I ever here anyone honking and shouting something right in front of my house for any reason whatsoever one more time!



And move to a cabin in the woods where I will finally have some PEACE AND QUIET.


4 thoughts on “white noise, white rage

  1. Because it’s usually at a time when I’d like to be sleeping, or learning, or working. I’d get on my own nerves if I made noise then…

    But ONE DAY, people, this will all come back to you. The day I move out – or buy a huge stereo system 🙂

  2. Posting pictures in comments is unfortunately not permitted.
    But… take a look at this:

    If turkey wins another game… and it gets too loud outside – again. 😀

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