I am sticking to the plan!

Last week-end, I made myself a work and learn plan. It divides the seven days of the week into hourly schedules of what I should be doing. I thought this was a great idea when I saw the one The BF made, and it is surely helping me get more done than I would have without it. Thus, I am more confident that I will be ready when the dreadful days of exams come around.

BUT – being that I was dumb enough to rent an apartment smack in the middle of town, next to a main street and in front of the main gathering place, I’ve been sleeping very badly. And when I don’t sleep well or enough I get very cranky (alas, this hasn’t changed since childhood). And not being able to go to sleep at the hour I want to (I’m being a good girl and going to bed early, but the crowds outside won’t let me sleep) doesn’t mix well with the plan, since I should be getting up at 8 a.m. and starting to work by nine.

Also, I have only left the sunday open for other activities than diploma thesis / learning / uni lectures / sport, apart from household chores. The free time The BF has planned for himself is even less, and frankly I have no idea how he does it. I’m only in the first week and already I’m feeling like I’m going nuts. Usually, I allow myself much more time for sleeping / staying up late / blogging / couch potatoing. I have managed to place the “meeting with friends time” into the plan without interfering with work time. But the work time definitely has the upper hand.

So this morning, being all groggy and what not, I came to think that I may not have real vacation until another 4 years (last year I finally went abroad again, and that was also 4 years since my last vacation before that). Because I’ll be learning until September, then I have to write applications and write my thesis, then I have to learn for the final exams, then the therapists education kicks in – and that’s three years straight of insane work hours per week.

My conclusion: all work and no play is going to make Bubkes a dull girl. Keep me away from axes!


One thought on “I am sticking to the plan!

  1. don´t give up sweety 🙂 having nice cocktail time on saturday and bloody looking forward to it 😀

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