Be kind to your coochy, muffin.

There are many words. Many names. Books even on the topic. I don’t know why I’ve decided to post about “it” just today, but some things have accumulated. Two of which I will present here.

The talk is about vulvas, often mistakenly called vaginas. Often called all sorts of wrong things, as can be heard in the bloodhound gang’s “foxtrot unicorn charlie kilo”. But as I read that some people call women’s pink parts, her most delicate parts, a “cheeseburger” – well that’s just wrong for all sorts of reasons. The first being that I like to eat one sort, and wouldn’t the other. And it’s a disturbing image once you’ve had it in your head – don’t you think?

My favorite blogger dooce one had the dilemma of naming the clam, being that she had given birth to a girl and, as things go, had to come up with something to call that area she also cleaned, like the rest of her very more nameable body parts. So when she posted about it and asked her readers: what did you call your kitty as a child? How do you name your yoni today? She got the most comments ever until then.

I was also very amused reading the different names suggested in the “vagina monologues”, a very refreshing book that was given to me on one of my birthdays. I can recommend it.


On the same topic, here’s something hilarious:


Yay!bias! Cuntfetti and Cocklights! Sparkle babies and fabulous looking herpes! – Get yours today.

2 thoughts on “Be kind to your coochy, muffin.

  1. aaaaw, you made me laugh on this rainy day. thanx so much!
    btw, i luv *pink parts* and *kitty* – how much nicer than cheeseburger. eeeeew!
    btw, there’s also an episode of the lword, where they come up with lots of different synonyms for pussy.

  2. Oh right, the L Word! How could I have forgotten! Always a nice passtime 😉
    Glad I could make you laugh, that is a very high reward 🙂

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