More time! I need more time!

As before posted, I am actually sticking to my work and learn plan. Hence the scarceness of posts this week. I can’t say it’ll get any better in the time to come, because man have I got stuff to do. When I do find time, however, I find it put to slightly better use when I actually get out of the house and spend some time with people – real people – instead of a computer screen.

For instance, Friday night was “girls night out” with me and some friends. We met up for some pre-club drinking and chatting, and then went dancing. Oh, dancing, how I have missed thou. And the loud singing. It’s in moments like this that I realise how important music is to me, that I still know the words to songs years after I’ve last heard them, can recognize them after the first few beats and that bending and shaping and staying alive makes me happy. And I actually held out until 4 a.m., although I thought I would be dead by 11p.m. Fun!

Then yesterday, again, a night out. I am on a roll! I’m not sure what was going on in town, but many stores were open until midnight and bands were playing here and there throughout the city. I sat outside a nice café, strolled around town, and was forced into consuming goods. Well, kind of. Can you imagine that, a boyfriend actually asking his girlfriend if she’d like to shop for something and then she’s all like: nah.

At least that was true until we went to a book store. The only thing on my part that would come closer to the behavior of a child in a candy store would be if we were in a candy store.I love books. I don’t think I could ever have too many of them. And there are just so many of them, when I go in, that seem to say: take me with you! I guess it’s like shoes for other women. Anyway, I could restrain myself to buying just one, although I did find one right before the cash register that was tempting. But the one I bought was making me feel guilty enough. First because it cost more than it should have, and secondly because there’s a hype going on about it. I bought “Feuchtgebiete”, from Charlotte Roche. I’m just too curious. And don’t worry, as soon as I’ve finished the one I’m currently reading, you’ll hear all about it.

One thought on “More time! I need more time!

  1. hey, i wanna read feuchtgebiete too! anna lent it to a friend, so i couldn’t take it with me the last time i saw her. and – just like you – i’m not sure whether those sheets of paper are worth 15 eur. i’ve read the first five pages and it seems quite disgusting to me although i can be pretty straightforward from time to time. actually, all those discussions about the book and roche seemed more interesting to me. i’m looking forward to your opinion!

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