Put on the red light

Welcome to a new post about a non-kids theme. I’ve known early on about the birds and the bees, my parents always answered truthfully any question I had. One thing I always had a hard time understanding, though, was prostitution. I mean I understand the concept, that’s not a hard one. But I never understood the dynamics.

Why would a man resort to such establishments? Is it that hard to find a woman who wants an intimate relationship? And why does everyone assume that women can do without male prostitutes – do they even exist? I actually knew a bunch of guys who walked the streets regularly , even though they were young, not bad looking and had money (although I guess that last one mostly works with that type of girls). One of them is an ex of mine – and don’t think that stopped him. He was all huffy and puffy and mad when I actually dared holding him back from going with the others. The outrage!

Another part I don’t get is why women do it. I mean I know about forced prostitution. The poor girls brought here under false circumstances and then threatened into it. Or those who really need the money, a lot of it and fast. Typical in those situations I guess that women would turn the potential harm against themselves rather then against others, as men might do with drug dealing or the likes. But do any of those women really do their jobs willingly, even gladly? I couldn’t imagine. Until I stumbled upon following websites:

Letters from working girls helped me understand the feminine point of view. Surprisingly many of them speak fondly of their johns and their work. Some are very superficial and conceited, taking pride in the idea that they can do things better than other women. Rarely does any one of them write about a dangerous situation.

The male point of view, however, is more stereotypical. Most of them are married and too scared to talk with their wives about what they really want in bed. I can’t say it enough people: COMMUNICATE WITH EACH OTHER. Say things, real things, what you mean and not what the other just wants to hear. And get over the image already that your wife is some kind of boring saint you can only do the missionary with. There are some, however, who are single and going through a dry spell. I can relate to that. So the easiest way to get laid in that context, I guess, is to pay for it. There is an interesting story of a lesbian going through those troubles.

Read, be educated. Your Bubkes.


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