A post about high-quality rum… well, not really.

I have recently discovered my favorite dark rum. Now I’m not normally a rum drinker, since I prefer sweet and creamy cocktails or a light wine if I have to. It actually took me a long time to start drinking, compared to others my age, and it’s never been something I do intentionally. But I guess that’s the difference in age (again, with the age, oich!). When you grow up you learn to appreciate the good things in life, one of those being good alcohol. Because lets face it, people, life’s too short for cheap booze.

So here’s this rum I had the pleasure of tasting at a friends house: Matusalem Gran Reserva, from Cuba. Next time I pass a liquor store, it’s on my list. Not only is it really as smooth as it sounds, but you don’t even notice the strength of the alcohol in there. I was actually able to enjoy it clean, without even as much as ice cubes. It goes down like butter. LIKE BUDDA!

Which brings me to the actual topic of this post. I was thinking to myself: “this goes down like budda”, and it rang a bell. Where had I heard that before? As in the many other references I make to myself on a regular basis, I was pretty sure noone else would get it. And that’s really too bad, because most of it is hilarious. So since I don’t want anyone to miss out on this reference, here’s where it comes from: saturday night live.

SNL is a great show, one of the longest playing on american TV, and I think any american would tell you that’s it’s the funniest thing. Sooo many famous people have been on there and have made fun of themselves, always a good thing. The part with the butter comes from a sketch with Mike Myers, in which he plays the character of Linda Richman, a jewish lady. And this adds one of my other favorite things: yiddish. The women sitting next to Linda in this sketch are, by the way, Madonna (“Liz Rosenberg”) and Roseanne (Liz’ mommala). The quality isn’t that great, but hey, it was the 80’s.

“Live, from New York, it’s Saturday Night!“:

The way she says “cawfee tawk” is actually how we say it in New Jersey. Now I’m getting all verklempt. I need a moment, talk amongst yourselves…

The appearance by Barbara Streisand herself was totally unscripted, none of the actors had a clue she was coming. In other “by the way” facts: who names their kid Michael Myers, voluntarily? Don’t you know that’s the name of a hockey-masked killer? And speaking of the Halloween movies – Jamie Lee Curtis only had a small role in the original (she then became famous because of her scream), but then was all of a sudden his sister in H2O (“20 years later” – get it? great title…). But back to our sheep: I guess Mikes dad called him that because he was a former member of the RAF. True story. And who wouldn’t get messed up with all those different nationalities swimming around in his blood?

Other great sketches on SNL with Myers are his impression of a hyperactive hypoglycemic kid  (“I’m a hyper hypo!”) with Nicole Kidman

and a german artist, “Dieter”, in his own show “Sprockets!”. Sadly I could only find a small part, but you’ll get the point.

That’s all the time we have, I have to go and die now. Your bubkes.

P.S. I just realized that my first favorite alcohol was also (technically) rum: Malibu. But it’s coconut-flavored white rum and totally commercial, so does that count? Don’t think so.

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