To pass the time

My family is coming over. Like, any minute now. And none of them know about this website (if you see them, please don’t mention it – for their protection). And they will be taking over my apartment for a few days. This means I won’t be posting until about Sunday. And I thought if I can’t write for you in that time, I can at least give you something to read.

If you like PostSecret – a website that posts illustrated secrets that were sent anonymously – you will love Common Ties. This is a site where people are asked 20 questions (do you know that game?) and their answers are posted, mostly illustrated, on the site. Some leave their name, some don’t. Some stories are hilarious, others are very insightful. Here is one that really struck me:

What was the most meaningful “I Love You” spoken to you?

 January 2008, Islamabad, Pakistan. My husband used to send me a rose whenever he was out of town. Even after he died, I still received a rose every day. I was shocked and asked the florist. He told me that my husband had paid him in advance for the rest of my life.

Doesn’t that just make your heart break? But don’t worry, there are many more happy stories. Like humiliating sex stories. Much to satisfy any voyeurism. Enjoy.


One thought on “To pass the time

  1. wow, that’s a great page. but also a serious killer of time. but the good thing is, that they don’t delete stuff every week like postsecret and that there is still so much to discover =)
    but still i am looking forward to you next post!

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