More feminist issues! More youTube videos! More links!

…and the beat goes on. I promise I’ll write something more personal in the days to come, when I find some time. But until then, I have more stuff I found on the internet I’d like to share with you. Always in the spirit of feminism and american TV commercials, only this time: funny.

It’s actually not only about feminism. On Current TV you can watch (in full) a show called “infoMania“. Their motto: “chewing up the week’s media so we can regurgitate it, half-digested, into your mouth”. Sounds like fun, no? But it really is hilarious – if you like sarcasm (and boy do I). This weeks episode features segments about people in line at apple stores, from 3 a.m., to get the new iPhone (3G, is it?) and a timeline of batman (“from a guy dressed as a bat – to a guy dressed as a bat”), amongst others.

One of their regular segments is called “Target: Women” and talks about shows or ads or political opinions directed at women. One of the first episodes I saw was about yogurt, and it’s one of the funniest:

“Say more stuff I generically relate to!”

Other episodes include the topic of wedding shows – which features clips of the “WE”-Channel (“they put the we in wedding and the end in feminism!”) that are hard to believe but actually real. Seriously.

There’s also one about Botox (“It’s like I’ve been walking around saying: don’t listen to me, I’m a form of punctuation that signifies an aside!”).

This week, Sarah Haskins talks about “Feeding your f—ing family” (see first link). Food should make your family happy. Reggae, dance party happy.

I think I have another time waster on my hands. Damn.

One thought on “More feminist issues! More youTube videos! More links!

  1. i really like the target women shows – the one about yogurt is the best! and thanks to timeline i’m no longer badly informed about batman’s development =)

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