OMG I have just watched the best episode of InfoMania seen so far. It was the Fourth of July edition, and boy is it fun to watch Americans make fun of themselves – on TV. Segments about patriotic songs (that will make other countries mad), hillbillies with fireworks, rednecks with guns and everyone with hot dogs. Sadly, there was no “Target: Women” on that episode, but a “Tech Report” informing me of an upcoming game made by the same guy who made Sims (which I never played). It’s called Spore and it sounds aaaawwwwsome (read with California surfer dude accent).

Watch here: the epic game where you begin as a single cell organism and try to evolve into the most dominant species in the galaxy. World domination through superior species? What more could an American-German heart want! (read with much sarcasm). No but seriously, the “least ambitious” “blob with eyes” looks kinda cute.

[Edit: I take that back. There is no “best episode” of InfoMedia. They are all just really cool.]


5 thoughts on “Spores!

  1. You are absolutely right, there is no best episode.

    I’ve already reached the beginning of June… As for me, I don’t end up rolling on the floor laughing, but I really enjoy the tiny gags, “how the f*** is this a magazine” and Sergio’s White Hot Top 5. And the episode about Manswers – what a ridiculous show! TV sucks! (well, most of it)

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