Load of Crap

I’m back to my favorite topic again: women, men, children and work. While the german government makes us think that it is a crime for women to have kids and work at the same time, the outside world seems to think we’ve found the best thing since sliced bread: stay at home fathers. HA!

Current TV says: People have been talking about a baby boom in Germany but what catches the eye is a boom in fatherhood. I’ve never seen so many men pushing prams – they are everywhere. Literally. Everywhere.

Oh really? BECAUSE I HAVEN’T SEEN (M)ANY. As far as I know, men are still seen as pusses if they’re thinking about taking care of their kids themselves (and not in a financial way) and the only appropriate reaction to an academically successful woman who doesn’t think having kids is a good idea is: get over yourself already. Yeah, that’s encouraging.

To check out the segment on “German Mr. Moms”:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

By the way, “Mr. Mom” was a popular movie in the 80s about the insane idea of a guy who stayed at home with his kids. How far we have come.


One thought on “Load of Crap

  1. when i was staying in hamburg i actually saw quite a few and one of our neighbours in stuttgart is really involved with his kids aswell. i guess it’s a good thing but i wonder if once i have kids i will want to allow someone else to be their number one =p
    btw, there is a really interesting and insightful article about the neighbourhood in berlin they’re talking about in the video here: http://www.zeit.de/2007/46/D18-PrenzlauerBerg-46

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