The results are back

This morning I had the next appointment with my dermatologist, to get the stitches pulled out. Now I was very apprehensive of today because I remember last year when they exited the stitches it was painful. Like, worse than any of the rest and pretty much the worst pain I can remember feeling. And it didn’t help that I had to wait over an hour – again– before the assistant called me into the consulting room.

She told me to sit down, flipped away my hair (carelessly, as is pretty much every move of her towards a patient) and said: this will pull a little. Then she cut one knot, which did twinge a very little bit, and then pulled – and I felt absolutely nothing. This operation is going so much better than the last one. The cutting out went faster and with less pain and blood loss, the stitches were less in number and covered area, the wound was easier to tend to, the scar is a neat very thin line (and not a bludgering gap) and it didn’t even hurt!

I was then transferred to another room to wait some more, this time on the doctor. When she finally came in, it was all to say one phrase: it’s a [insert complicated medical term in three words that I didn’t understand]. Then the explanation: it’s benign, as in not malignant. Yay! No further procedures for now, I was sent on my way.

This was all celebrated with The BF over a very scrumptious lunch. But after the whole waiting and lunching I used up much of my day, so I will now be spending the rest of my time cooped up in my small and hot apartment, learning for my exam – which is in two weeks.


One thought on “The results are back

  1. hey sweetpea, that’s great: no stitch-pulling-pain, no malignancy! if it ever gets to hot to study in your apartment you could always join me in the nice air-conditioned rooms of the library by the way =)

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