Summer Feeling

I went outside today. Isn’t that something? It’s been really hot and muggy out there lately, and since I have to learn for exams I shut myself in with a fan and powered through. Today, though, I decided to take care of some other stuff that had to be taken care of and I ventured to the other side of the door. It’s been a toss up this week: will there be thunderstorms or will the heavy clouds just bottle in more heat? But today, it was radiant sunshine the whole way. Only cute little fluffy white cumulus in the sky. So I packed on some sunscreen (especially on my new scar) and went. Then I realised: if you’re covered in yummy smelling sun cream, your skin is sticky from that and the immediate sweat, and the sun is beaming down on you – it feels like vacation, even in the middle of the city.

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