Thus ends my trip through the cardinal sins (btw: did you know there was actually once a cardinal named Sin? Lol!), which was apparently riveting for everyone, as I can see in the drop of my blog stats. Or are you all just having fun on vacation? Because I wouldn’t blame you for going outside and enjoying yourselves instead of being cooked up in front of a PC screen! But if you do go out: beware! The Vatican has now published a list of new sins.

I’m not kidding. Apparently, they wanted to attract attention to the fact that, whereas the “old sins” applied to the individual, the “new sins” are made for our new global way of life. Social sins, if you will. They include (but are not limited to): genetic modification (umm…better alert the hillbillies to stop marrying cousins), excessive wealth (I though we already had that?), pollution (drive a car? Go to hell!), drug abuse (do series count? that wasn’t specified!), experiments on humans (well, guess I’m on their list) and birth control (want to have sex but not get pregnant? Murderer!). For shame, people. Oh, and while you’re at it: stop breathing all that air, will you.


One thought on “Conclusion

  1. hey, you seem in good spirits after the exams. how did it go?
    rest assured that i followed your little trip into the world of sinning and was well entertained =) my blod stats are dropping too so it has to be something that we can’t control by quality of posting =p

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