This is me on my day off

First of all, expect a post explosion, because I have so many ideas that were pushed out of my head by learning that they are all coming screaming back to me now. And finally, the pressure building up until the exam relieves itself. Which on one side means I’m pooped, on the other I’m totally giddy. And I better hold on to it, since next week it’s back to that pattern of cramming again for the next muy importante test. But, until then: I’d like to try and depict my¬†sentiment for you. Now since I don’t post pictures of myself here, bear with me whilst I narrate.

Imagine a blond with frazzled out hair, in cut up jeans and a washed out black (not fitted) t-shirt with a bald eagle on the front, swaying a can of whatever in a slightly deliriated mood, sounding her music loud enough to drown out the VERY LOUD neighbours. All I can say is:

Take me down to the paradise city

where the grass is green and the girls are pretty

oh won’t you please take me home, yeah yeah

White trash beautiful, here I come.


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