New page coming to a blog near you

I’ve been playing with the idea of adding a new page, besides the ones about my biography and the “about” of this site. It would be a quotes page, excerpts of the wonderful Because I have been reading her archives, from when she started her site in 2001, and am now at the end of 2007. So that means I read a lot of her posts and am almost at the end (or present, however you see it). Since I think her writing is totally gnarly, I copied out some of my favorite passages, and that’s what I’ll be posting on my new page, “Indooced”. You can check over once and a while, since I don’t know how regularly I’ll be expanding it.

I’ll start in the chronological order though, which means the first citation is of a post of hers from January 2002. It’s about a girl’s night of sipping cocktails, which matches pretty well since I was out with the girls yesterday as well, and am now completely hung over. So to spare my head the aching, I’ll just be quoting today. Enjoy.


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