A dash of comic relief

Before my family came to keep me from learning, and before I decided to take a break and go on vacation to the black forest (lovely!), I had a day off in which I surfed the Internet, more precisely youtube. And there I fell upon a rare and exquisite pearl of comedy – Blackadder. For those of you who don’t know it, Blackadder is a british comedy show of live sketches that ran in the 80s.

The video I decided to post here is a duet between the very talented Rowan Atkinson and Hugh Laurie, on how Shakespeare has to cut one of his plays (Hamlet) because it was too long. These two are better known as their characters Mr. Bean and Dr. House, but this was before that.

It is amazing to see Hugh Laurie in his original background, especially if you only know him from House. Here you can see that he is a true englishman, which makes his impeccable american accent in the series all the more impressive. This led me to watch several interviews with him, including one on “The Actors Studio” (see previous post). He really is a likable person. One of his regular shows before he was famous across the big pond was called “A Bit of Fry and Laurie“, including his collegue Stephen Fry who also participated in Blackadder. One of my favorite sketches from them is this one:

For the rest I’m just trying to adjust back to the daily grind, woefully missing the forest and the free time. To make up for the lack of posts in the past days, I’m adding a quote under “Indooced”.

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