If you don’t cry while watching this, YOU MUST BE DEAD INSIDE.

I found this video via dooce, and when she wrote that her face was covered in tears after two seconds of watching it I was all: woman, get a grip (insert eyes rolling here). Because, you know, I’m an emotionally devoid robot and nothing gets to me. So I started watching it  – because I’m just curious like that – and thought, yeah, cute, I can get how someone might get choked up about it… until I totally started bawling. Seriously, YOU CAN’T HELP IT. This is for anyone who has ever loved a dog.

And I know it takes 10 minutes, and that’s a lot when you’re just wasting time in front of the computer, but believe me it is TOTALLY WORTH IT. Even if you’re depressed for the rest of the day. Plus, it’s japanese, ergo totally cool.


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