Nerd alert!

You know that feeling, when you’re a mad scientist obsessed with micro-organic biology, who wants to bring the love of single cell organisms closer to the offspring, but you just don’t know how? Well have I got a solution for you! Click on this link and you’ll be redirected to a site that sells stuffed animals in the form of microbes, bacteria and more of the sorts. No, seriously. Their motto is: “We make stuffed animals that look like tiny microbes—only a million times actual size!”

Have your beloved child snuggle up to cute little germs! Either the original “GiantMicrobe”, a 5-7 inch doll, or the petri dish with three miniature microbes. They come in nifty categories like Calamities (such as “The Black Death”), Venereal (for example every parents dream, “Chlamydia”) or Exotics (“Beer and Bread” is actually kinda cute). For extra awareness, HIV even carries the red bow on his very black body.

My heart goes out to the flesh eating bacteria. He looks so innocent!


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