I lighten my mood with Lolcats

Hello everyone. In exactly one hour I will be leaving for yet another exam. It only lasts 15 minutes, and yet I had to relearn everything from two years of study. That’s refreshing. So I had a last re-read this morning, and now I have time to kill, which I’m really bad at when it comes to waiting for a deadline. I guess it didn’t help that I drank a red bull yesterday (I had to liven up somehow, otherwise learning was done) and then slept maybe 4 hours last night. I have a big knot in my stomach and the feeling that my head is completely blank, but what else is new.

Instead of running myself crazy, I am trying to divert myself in the meantime. Perfect way of doing this: checking out other blogs. I have about a dozen to browse through, not counting all my widgets in Netvibes. And I’d like to share one of those with you, one that is simple and funny and good at taking my mind off things. It’s called ICanHasCheezburger and presents pictures of furry little animals, mostly cats, with comments in “lolspeak” (you might want to look those terms up on wikipedia). So can get the idea, here is one of the recent posts I liked best:


I’m really more of a dog person, but these are still cute anyway.

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