Heartfelt and honest

One of the blogs I discovered recently is of an anonymous 23 year old girl (like me!) who “got knocked up and doesn’t want to keep it”. It’s very insightful and personal. You can follow her journey from when she found out she was pregnant, through the different counseling procedures, to the actual abortion. I think she writes in a very intelligent, open way and I’m sure this blog could help other women going through the same thing. I believe it’s very hard to imagine what it’s like, and there aren’t many infos out there, especially in the very divided america.

The creepy part is that she started that blog in the same week my period was late. Several days late. And normaly my body works like clockwork when it comes to my cycle. So I was understandably freaked out, and this blog really hit home. It’s the path I would have had to consider. Not because I’m not old enough or couldn’t care for the kid or don’t have a supporting partner, but because I believe it’s a choice every woman should have the right to make. (On that note, fuck you Sarah Palin).

I’d also like to take this opportunity to remind my fellow german citizens that although a woman can’t technically be charged with anything if she chooses to terminate a pregnancy, abortion is still illegal. It’s frightening. There would be a lot more to write about on this subject, but for now I’ll just encourage you to read some background info (for Germany) here and check out this brave woman’s blog here.


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