It’s time to get political

With less than two months up to the election of USAs new president, I thought it might be time that I voice my opinion. As an “out of state resident” I do get to vote, although that was a hard battle to get through. Technically, I could have voted last time around, but we all know how well conducted that election was… I guess my voters application got “lost in the mail”. So I rampaged the Paris embassy and voilà! This time I got the letter for the primaries. I just hope the big one follows. So here is – as short as I can make them – my take on the parties involved.

Barack Obama – hype we can believe in. Sure, he’s been called an arugula eating, arrogant, race-card playing elitist by the other camp. He has no experience, they say. He’s a wimp that wouldn’t go to war if we needed to. He’s promising to much. Is that maybe because he actually wants things to change? To me he’s just a very likable, respectable person with the right opinions and the energy to back it up. He was born in Honolulu from a black man from Kenya and a white woman from Kansas. He has lived in Jakarta, he went to Harvard and Columbia. He has lost both his parents. No experience? I think he is much closer to life than McCain. And he would go to war, if it’s the last resolve. But I guess to republicans, trying to work out a diplomatic solution first is just something for sissies. He cares about global warming. He’s backing up the working class and says every person deserves health care. He’s willing to take care of the economy and continue the tax cuts, just not for the rich people who can afford to pay. You’re losing your undeserved privileges? Boohoo for you. Barack is young (47), dynamic, straight-forward and lets face it – he has a wonderful family. Because american campaigns are much more about image than issues, compared to Europe. And Michelle Obama is just the kind of beautiful, strong, intelligent woman we want to see. They’re the new Kennedy’s! Which begs the question of security, of course. Let’s just hope he gets through the first months without getting shot. And as last hope we can count on the fact that Americans have always voted for the taller guy, and McCain is a midget.

John McCain – no country for old men. If he’s inaugurated in 2009 at age 72 years and 144 days, he would be the oldest U.S. president upon ascension to the presidency. And have you seen the guy talk? The connections in his brain seem to be going at 1mm per hour. The only thing that makes me relate to this man is that he’s had melanoma. And that ain’t a good thin, people. Sure, they try to will people by saying that with him as president it wouldn’t just be more of the same. A “maverick”, they like to call him. But seriously. What they call the guts to voice an unpopular opinion could also be seen as hotheaded temper. He has admitted to having a problem of ill-considered remarks, which should work just fine in international diplomatic conversations… He doesn’t have any higher education in law or anything comparable to Obamas background, his background comes from the military. He is conservative. McCain wants to eliminate the Alternative Minimum Tax so as to assist the middle-class, and he wants to reduce Medicare growth. It’s rather hard to overlook the all-important influence of the all-powerful lobbies here. It’s “The Man” in charge, all over again. On Iraq, McCain expects that by 2013, there will still be violence, but at a much-reduced level, and without American troops in a direct combat role. After all the resentment that was expressed with the Iraq war and the current government, I just can’t believe these people still want to hear the reassuring “just keep guzzling those tanks and firin’ your guns” instead of heading for change. He’s not the one who’ll be getting 200.000 foreigners to wave the american flag, that’s for sure.

So far to the presidential candidates. But don’t think I’ve forgotten the VPs! I especially look forward to depicting Palin, in my next post. I also intend to write about the conventions and several websites where you can find some insightful video clips of the political happenings in the US of A.

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