To get back to the elections

My last post about the 08 vote in the US was going to be a comparison of the two parties. How the democrats strive to put forward their ideas for the future, the change they want to bring, the hope of a new america. In turn, how the republican’s only strategy is to put down Obama, make ridiculous remarks about the democrats, use double-standards and contradict themselves on a running basis. Or how what they put forward is old McCains military experience, even though that didn’t seem to be a winning factor when Kerry was up against Bush. I was going to make a point by point comparison, until I found someone who already did. And much better at that, with facts that were checked. So I highly recommend reading “Obama and McCain – Truth and distortion” by D. Robert Hamm.

Besides that, there is always the ever-funny Jon Stewart. You can watch full episodes of The Daily Show here. There is one where he also puts back to back statements of the republicans that are exactly opposite of each other. How the “maverick” McCain did a 180 before running for president, how sexism doesn’t matter when it comes to Hilary but should be considered with Palin, how the experience of running a 9000-people town is valuable but running a 200.000-city isn’t, etc., etc. … Especially the episodes featured in the weeks of the conventions gives you good pointers on the various election tactics. Or in the days where the VPs were picked.

Speaking of the conventions, if you’re interested in the different speaches that were held or the exact agendas, visit their sites. The democratic national convention (held from august 25-28 in denver) is to be seen here, the republican national convention (held september 1-4 in st. paul) can be checked here. I must admit I am tired of the whole game-playing going on, and it just makes me angry when I deal with this topic, so I haven’t gone through those sites to give you a resumé here. I apologize.

What I did check out, on the other hand, is the site of “project vote smart“, a project that is supposed to help inform people on the exact issues being debated in the elections. You can read about biographies, voting records, issue positions, interest group ratings, public statements and campaign finances of every presidential candidate, the Vps and many local politicians as well. Interestingly, neither McCain nor Palin were willing to expose their issues through the site’s “Political Courage Test”, even though McCain was a co-founder of this project. Obama did.

To end with something more entertaining and funny, I can always rely on InfoMania. In last weeks episode, Sarah Haskins did a special “Target Women” on Sarah Palin. Check out the Sarah on Sarah action here. By the way, if I hear someone say “VPILF” one more time, I will have to barf.

2 thoughts on “To get back to the elections

  1. Thanks for the link! It is so nice to see and read about the movement against McCain/Palin, especially after the GOP is acting as if they’re leading.

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