Let the mud fight begin

Well it had to happen sometime, and usually the fall marks the beginning. Now that we know who the candidates are, that the VPs have been picked and the conventions are over, the dirt-digging can begin. Not that the republicans waited, necessarily, since they have been spewing out denigrating ads about Obama since at least June, but now the democrats will finally fight back. I respect their general take on fighting for their issues rather than get into the catty bickering, but there’s only that much lying and name-calling you should take. For those of you living in Europe and only hearing second-hand how an American campaign goes on, here are two of the ads the parties use to gain votes:


Vodpod videos no longer available.


[Edit: the embedding isn’t working, again, so please click here and you’ll see the video. It really proves the point. You should watch it!]

But of course, I cannot close this post without adding the now infamous video of Palin vs. Hilary on Saturday Night Live:


2 thoughts on “Let the mud fight begin

  1. Well thank you for the compliment 🙂
    But my visitors are welcome to comment in english, french or german, which ever they prefer…

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