Wake me up when November ends…

… because I cannot take any of this pre-election stuff anymore. Seriously, it’s all I can think about. And yet, every time I try to sit down and arrange my thoughts to make a coherent post out of them, I go into RAGE. OVERLOAD. CANNOT. TYPE.

I cannot stand the fact that people think Palin is a feminist (take away the L – what do you get?). Or that McCain is in any way capable of saving the country (and yes, I say saving on purpose). Americans, open your eyes, you’re going to hell in a hand-basket – and not because of all that religious bullshit! My God, when will you realize that you’re working like a third world country and yet believe you should rule all (oh no wait, that’s part of it).

This financial crisis, you had it coming to you. What pisses me off, though, is that it comes at such an opportune time for the damn reps, doesn’t it? We all know what happens in a time of uncertainty and fear – the traditionalist win, people hold on to what they know. And yet – YET! – there are people (who are aloud to vote) writing things like this:

This current attack from Obama’s will fail just like the attacks on Sarah Palin.
They will fail because the reason we have these bank failures is because socialistic democrats forced lenders to provide loans to people who could not pay back the loans.
The socialistic idea of putting everyone in their own home, cause this crisis.

Right, the only people who should count in this world are white, rich, american, republican, heterosexual, christian men (did I forget something?).

I will not tell you where I got that from. I will not give that nitwit publicity. Although there are many more scrumptious ideas just like that one on his site. How can it be so abundantly clear to anyone outside of the US that McCain and Palin are morons, when the majority of the United Statelers are backing them up? HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING FROM THE BUSH ERA? Do you want everyone to keep on believing that Americans are stupid?

I realize I cannot change anyone’s vote by what I am writing here, mainly because my readers are Europeans. And that is what’s frustrating me. I see my country (yes, I still see it as my country) heading towards the worst possible future, even though – for the first time in decades – we have such a great alternative.

People, I understand your mentality, really. I come from there, I don’t see you through stereotypes. I know you need simple solutions and that this governmental system is the one that works for you. But for Gods sake – all you have to do is pick the right man. Look at the big picture this time, the long run. Please. Pretty please with a cherry on top.

Vote Barack Obama 08!


2 thoughts on “Wake me up when November ends…

  1. you may need to put on a bunny suit and – well, you know… nevertheless, take care of your blood pressure, i’m beginning to worry about you! *hug

  2. well honey, soon i will be able to share all your frustration first hand. just having fox available when you turn on the tv… and knowing that i have no way whatsoever to influence the outcome of this election even though us poor bastards in germany will be so horrendously influenced by its result.

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