For those worried about my blood pressure

I’m fine, I work it all off at the gym ;). Besides, I read this morning:

Washington (dpa) – Der demokratische US-Präsidentschaftskandidat Barack Obama liegt neuesten Umfragen zufolge wieder vor seinem republikanischen Gegner John McCain. Nach einem vom TV-Sender CNN errechneten Durchschnitt der derzeit vorliegenden Umfragen erhält Obama 49 Prozent der Wählerstimmen. Auf McCain entfallen demnach lediglich 44 Prozent, berichtete der Sender. Sieben Prozent seien unentschlossen.

Ok, so CNN might not be the best source, but at least it’s something! I guess at one point it just shifted and I had a hard time believing that everything would be ok. But now, if this keeps up, I will be able to sleep soundly again!

To those who don’t understand why I get so fed up: it’s because I want to be informed and I don’t like what I’m hearing. It’s frustrating not being able to change anything, even though I have such a strong conviction about what would be right for the country and the answer seems so clear to me, yet (seemingly) so many Americans don’t get it. And then there’s the lying.



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