Take the bait

So I watched the presidential debate this morning and my resumée is this: McCain is an idiot. Nothing new there.

No, seriously, these two candidates are so fundamentally different that I don’t know what the “undecided” are waiting for. I can’t imagine this debate changed anyones opinion on who’s right for the job. But at least it wasn’t just empty phrases and big words, both candidates actually stood by their beliefs and plans, answered the questions and didn’t get bickery.

It still gave me the impression, though, that McCain is a “traditionalist” who’s stuck in the past and the only way to move forward (into a better future) is with Obama. Still, everyone will probably just be going along with what they believe in – this time there are really two different camps to choose from. I’m going for the guy who thinks about the people and the long term repercussions, rather than the used-to-be “maverick” war veteran.

Speaking of traditions, usually it’s the taller guy who wins. And/or the one who’s wife makes the better cookies. So there’s only one logical consequence: OBAMA 08!


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