Page change

Update on my layout: I deleted the “indooced” page and replaced it with a “books” page. This has two reasons: first, since I finished reading all the archives of, I kinda lost inspiration. The one post per workday doesn’t get me immersed enough to be influenced. I still have all my favorite passages from her old posts, but I thought I’d be keeping them for myself from here on out. After all, if anyone wants to read what she writes, they can check out her website themselves.

Second, I’ve been wanting to open either a category, widget or page about the books I’m reading for a while now, and the page is simply the easiest way to do it. Plus, it doesn’t really belong in the everyday stuff, so there you will be able to check up on it for a longer period of time. I’ll try to keep the descriptions and opinions short. I’m starting off with a book I just finished reading yesterday, and will probably add some of my favorites later on.


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