Guess what just came in the mail today! I’ll give you a hint:

I get to vote this time! I got my letter this time! I will cast a ballot and it will count (well, at least if there’s no sabotage or manipulation) this time!

This baby is going straight to the post office tomorrow. I am so excited right now I can’t even describe it.


3 thoughts on “WOOHOO!!

  1. Well, actually, it’s not a cross. There are little circles you have to fill out (with blue or black pen or pencil only). They go all along the edge, and then there’s supposed to be an arrow next to the pair you vote for that shows which circle to fill out. Remember the 2000 votes, where people said you couldn’t tell which circle was right and everything got mixed up or “miscounted”? Yeah, those. No wonder this thing comes with a 6 page long instruction (I’m not kidding).

  2. aaaw i’m so jealous, i wish i could be a part of this important decision! but at least i know that you’ll make the right choice and i somehow feel like i’m a little part of the thing too. it’s fascinating to experience it all first hand right now!

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