Infotainment tip

I just watched yesterday’s episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and I just have to recommend it here. I’ve posted about this show before, and it’s always a good tip, especially if you want to know what’s going on in the US news – like elections, financial crisis, Palin being a hillbilly, etc.

On September 30th Bill Maher was guest, to promote his upcoming movie Religulous (word play on religion and ridiculous) – you can see the trailer here and the release date in Germany is November 6th. They talk about the importance of faith in the US and how taking the bible (supposedly) literally affects our view. It’s a conversation I’ve had a lot in the last few days, seeing the book I read (see book page) and the upcoming election.

Please watch it (actually, while I’m promoting, watch both) – it is completely worth your time. Not only has The Daily Show recently won it’s sixth Emmy Award (in a row!), but those two are additionally also from New Jersey. And make fun of the republicans.

You can watch full episodes here. My favorite bit in this one is the middle part. Sorry about the commercials, you can’t cut them out.


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