Biden vs. Palin – the VP debate

The first and only debate between the vice-presidential candidates ran last night, and I just finished watching the german rerun (man those voice overs are annoying!). I know most of you don’t want to spend 1h30 listening to this, so I picked out the best part (in my opinion) for you:

I think this really sums it up. Palin has no political credentials. The only experience she can name is that of a mother (earlier in the debate she used the old “hockey mom” thing AGAIN), which isn’t a bad thing – it’s just not what counts when you have a country to lead. And then her (from a international standpoint) very dangerous world view of Americans being unapologetic and representing a perfect ideal (guess she didn’t learn anything from foreign affairs).

Against that, you have Biden. He speaks of his 35 years of experience without pretension, he tells Palin when she is wrong while staying polite. And then – he actually chokes up while talking about his own family. So he can counter the closeness to the people she talks about, but also while showing emotion. Biden is a real mensch, not some moron robot who takes out jabs while having a plastered grin on her face or winking to the crowd (what is this, high school?).

The dems stand by the people, recognize real life problems and concreting solutions. The reps use name-dropping and references to “accomplishments” that have nothing to do with actual progress. The “maverick”, the war veteran, the small town people… empty phrases. I believe this showed that Biden is down to earth yet passionate about what he does, modest but experienced. Everything the other camp isn’t.


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