For my fashionista friends

Personally, I have a very functional relationship with clothes. I wear them to be covered. I was never interested in handbags, shoes, accessories, colors, shapes and whatnot. I definitely have no knack of putting stuff together to make fashion, which should be a crime – I know – since I lived 10 years in Paris. Slowly over the years I have been more and more aware, though, that it might not be such a bad idea to find clothes that actually look good, even though I still think I look best naked. But that’s just because I don’t know how to shop for flattering things. Or, since she wrote it so well, the way Dooce puts it:

I’ve never been a big clothes shopper, and I find it supremely hard to justify buying a pair of pants that I will only be able to wear for two months when the average life span of a pair of pants in my wardrobe is longer than the series run of “Law and Order.” I’d much rather spend $50 on a really good dinner at a Thai restaurant than on a sturdy, name-brand pair of pants, even though I know the pair of pants will last 700,000 times longer than a serving of massaman curry. I know it makes no sense, but food tastes better than clothing, and that’s where my priorities are.

None the less, I do have friends that are very into fashion, I guess as most women are, and I am trying to learn from them. In the mean time, I’d like to post something that might be of use / entertaining / interesting for you guys – a quote from about street fashion blogs. Feel free to check out the links and be inspired:

Most of the time when we write about photographing people on the street, we’re talking about dudes who are cat-callers and harassers. But part of my daily internet consumption — in between the New York Times and feminist blogs and everything I read for my job — is a healthy dose of street fashion blogs. From Monterey to Minneapolis, Tokyo to Helsinki, many major cities (and some smaller towns) have a dedicated street photographer who sets out every day to document the local style. (Perhaps the most well-known street-fashion blog is the Sartorialist — not my personal fave, but a classic. For an overview of lots of cities, check out Street Peeper.)


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