Second presidential debate

Yesterday was the second debate between the presidential candidates, which took place at Belmont University. This time, it was with an auditorium and was less stiff than the first. The questions came from the public and via e-mail. As I did for the VPs, I’ll just sum up my impression of the debate and then post an (in my opinion) representative extract video.

What stood out first, for me, was how much McCain stumbles and wheezes while he talks. Maybe it’s because they were allowed to walk around this time and more body language came in to consideration, but – and I’m sorry to have to say this – he looks like he could croak at any minute. And if he does, it’s PRESIDENT PALIN. The one who admitted on live national television that she would not answer the questions, she’ll just say what she wants (i.e. what she learned by heart in her week-long  debate training). Oh and by the way, McCain, I AM NOT YOUR FRIEND, you don’t get to call me that.

All in all there was much more of a direct discussion and exchange, which led to more direct jabs between the two candidates. The image that stayed with me is that Obama is responsible and makes sense. On top of that, not only did he go up in the polls, he is also considered to be the winner of this debate. We’re on the right track. Obama 08!

And now, the sample:


3 thoughts on “Second presidential debate

  1. Hi Tim! First time commentator, and already he wins the big prise: that was comment number 100 on this blog!
    Hope you’re having a good time in England 😉

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