I can haz om nom noms! Makes for much happeh.

These last few days have been weird. Not necessarily unsettling, just quite unstructured. First off, last week I did a marathon of institute-visiting and career-planning, which was energy-consuming but also very informative. I now know what I’m doing next year, and the picture keeps getting clearer. It also took up much of my time, which explains the scarceness of posts. And all that probably accounts for the very real, very heavy dreaming I’ve been doing at night.

This week, however, has been a jumble of things, many balls in the air right now that I’m trying to juggle. There are, for one, the university classes. I don’t have many, but they still need to be visited. Then I’m trying to come up with a learning scedule for the next exam, for which I’m not sure which book I’ll use or who I can learn with. There are also the everlasting household chores and gym appointments, the usual time takers. I have also been phoning across the country and beyond for a very annoying financial problem concerning my health insurance, my orphan’s pension and – alas – french bureaucracy. If it weren’t for that last part, this probably would have been over by now. But I’ll spare you the details.

Thankfully, I also have my friends and The BF, so there is a bright side to “things that take up time”. Tuesday, for instance, my friend Jo came back from a trip to the states and brought back lots of yummy candy all for me to eat (hence the lolcat title) and some very interesting anecdotes. Then, we went dancing at our usual club and had lots of fun. It also made me realize something this morning as I aired out my clothes: the mixed smell of stale smoke and febrezed clothes is the smell of a hangover for me. The other realization, that it’s damn hard to go to concentrate after only 4 1/2 hours of sleep, came naturally Wednesday morning in psychiatry class.

Surprisingly enough, though, I worked that day until five and got lots more done than expected. I’m ahead of schedule on my thesis work! I never would have thought this, because there was a hella lot to do and my head was up my butt (as the french would say). Still, I actually managed to multitask (get paper signed so that I can officially register my thesis, scan pictures to insert into thesis, find missing data to complete SPSS-sheet, fill other SPSS-sheet with new test person, etc.). It didn’t help that they now split up all the file folders, so that I was constantly running from my basement bureau to the second floor and back, but I guess that kept me awake…

Today, more work on the thesis and more friendly get-togethers. My old colleague, whom I haven’t seen in several months, is visiting today. Can’t wait to hear what she’s been up to. And tonight: intellectual shit, as my friend who’s birthday was last Saturday would say, or to others – jazz. I’ll be indulging in more intellectual shit this weekend, at the “art vs. party” event at one of the local museums where friends of mine work. Very brainy week, it seems.

So much for the update, there will be more to come.

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