How to scar your kid at the youngest age possible

I’ve been seeing this topic pop up here and there and decided to collect some into one big, disgusting “the industry is making me sick” post. Here goes.

Apparently, there has been a trend of sexualizing young women and it’s getting crasser by the day. Now the “usual” image of women portrayed by the fashion and commercial industries is nauseating and infuriating enough, but when they start influencing us at younger and younger ages, I’m just plain in disbelief. As if it were in any way realistic or attainable, we already get the impression of having to be overly thin yet fit, smart yet naive, goal-oriented yet subordinate. I hate it. But being a young girl makes it even harder to place yourself in such a society and find a healthy image of what it means to be female. It really makes me mad that there are products like the following, that are pushing these suggestible young girls in such a direction. Some examples:

1. A wall decoration that was for sale in the baby-items aisle of a Target store. As Feministing puts it: “Apparently it’s never too early to start fat-shaming and instilling body-self-consciousness!”. Is this really all women are supposed to care about, even as a toddler with baby fat?

 2. High heels for babies. These “Hot 2 Trot” called things are sold on and are described like this: “She’ll feel extra fab prancing around in these Hot 2 Trot wedges by Mia. (. . .) Crossing patent vamp straps wrap over the arches to a slingback (. . .) A 1/2 inch cork textured midsole rises to a 2 1/2 inch wedge heel.” They cost 35 bucks and come in zebra, hot pink and leopard. This is sadly not a joke, there really are people that are that sick and don’t get treated.

3. Tiny matching lingerie sets of lacy bras and knickers in many children’s brands including Bratz, Saddle Club and Barbie, have hit the shelves aimed at girls as young as six. The Herald Sun last week revealed the latest Bratz Babyz range included sexually provocative baby dolls dressed in leather and lingerie. The lines also include “breast-enhancing” padded bras for girls barely old enough for school. I mean, come on, SERIOUSLY. There is something seriously wrong and gross with the way these people look at six year old girls.

whoneeds.jpg4. Still in the lingerie department, only for slightly older girls with nubile lady parts: panties with a message. (In case you can’t read it, it says “who needs credit cards”).

These oh-so-charming panties were seen in the junior department of a local Wal-Mart. Because there’s nothing quite like telling adolescent girls that they don’t need to worry about finances since they have their very own moneypot between their legs.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some throwing up to do. Because, you know, it’s the best way to get skinny.



One thought on “How to scar your kid at the youngest age possible

  1. i actually think the diaper thing is really funny. and it’s not harming anyone since babies in diapers are most likely unable to read. the other stuff is appaling though, especially the breast enhancing for 6 year olds.

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