Go vote! Go vote! Go vote!

Umm… in case you’ve been living in a hole this last year, I have news for you: today is election day in the United States (let’s just assume those states will still be united once it’s over). After the longest campaign in US history, after eight years of running the country downhill and ruining foreign relations, it is finally time to take a stand and voice your opinion. So for those of you who can: GO VOTE. Otherwise, you don’t get to complain afterwards. I think that’s a good argument.

I sent my vote a month ago, and I’m really excited to see how this thing turns out. I believe it’s one of the biggest chances in the history of American voting, an EPIC VOTE if you will. Of course, there is reason to be optimistic – Obama has been leading for several points for some time now – but that was also the case for Al Gore in 2000. So either way, as soon as I wake up tomorrow morning, I will be rushing to my nearest news source to get the results (I don’t think staying up all night would be effective) and will be drinking by tomorrow night. Either in glee and celebration or utter frustration, humiliation and distrust. Care to join me?

Ah, the suspense, it is thrilling.

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