Again, I am sluggish in updating my posts. I apologize. But with my ongoing cold I have been put slightly out of business. Every time I think I’m doing better I start going out and taking care of things, which I guess doesn’t give my body time to rest and so it puts me back to square one. Besides that, I haven’t found an equivalent to fill the election-less void *sigh*.

All this to say that I confound myself to my bed (again) this week-end and spent my time watching series and movies. Besides the legendary movie of Gone With The Wind (I highly recommend) I saw last Saturday, The BF and I shared a film this Saturday we both didn’t know. We had heard about it from a very filmophil friend – it’s called Hoodwinked. It’s basically the story of the little red riding hood, but with a very adult twist (not porn or anything, just not child-friendly humor) and references to other movies like Usual Suspects and Shrek. The main reason we wanted to see it is because of the characters. It’s an animated version with lots of critters, two of whom are supposedly just like The BF and this mutual friend. Let me introduce:

 Twitchy, the hyperactive squirrel. Remember Hammy from Over the Hedge? This one’s worse. He talks so fast you can hardly understand him and he rarely stops. This is why he can’t drink coffee. He’s a photographer working with the investigative journalist, the wolf.


 The Wolf (full name Wolf W. Wolf) is a reporter, trying to uncover the story of stolen recipes in the woods. He’s stereotypically held for the bad guy, when if fact he’s just really mellow and calm. He’s a quick thinker and very resourceful.


We were trying to agree on which character I’m most like and it would probably be the bunny, Boingo. You’ll have to watch it to find out what that means. But it’s really funny and perfect for an evening of light enjoyment. Might even be better on drugs, who knows, but the drawing definitely needs some getting used to. Here’s my favorite part of the movie, which I can gladly post without giving away anything from the plot. The mountain goat Japeth can only express himself through song:

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