ou, ou, ouch!

Well, Jo was right. I watched the third episode of the fourth season of How I Met Your Mother – it’s called “I heart NJ” – and it is cruel! It starts off with them listing off how much they (especially Ted and Lily) hate New Jersey. Ted even gets a t-shirt with a crossed out New Jersey in front and “I hate New Jersey” in back. Lily says:

Ted, if you murder me and bury me in New Jersey, I’ll haunt you for ever.

But if I murder you and bury you somewhere else?

Eh, I’ll leave you alone. I’m sure you had your reasons.

Then, around minute 14 it comes to the big showdown: Ted and his girlfriend are fighting over who has to move where (Ted to New Jersey or she to New York). And she says: you know what, New Jersey is better than New York. Which is, I guess, the worst thing you can say to a New Yorker. So they trade off reasons why one is better than the other – sadly, I can’t find a video of this, but you should really watch it, it is sooo funny – and in the end, of course (spoiler alert!) Jersey wins.


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