We’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Am

Ever since our exams were done, The BF and I have wanted to get away. We knew we wouldn’t have enough time for some real vacation, but we did want to plan a long week-end for a city trip. And – below and behold – we’ve finally set the dates and the place. Over the week-end of St. Nicholas, we’re going to Amsterdam!

I’ve never been to the Netherlands (as far as I can remember) and always wanted to get to know this remarkably liberal yet peaceful, culturally rich little city. I’m so excited! I love to travel and see new places and people. I’ve already booked our train (yes, train – it was actually cheaper and faster than going by plane!) and I found this oh so cute little bed and breakfast (at a good rate in a quiet neighbourhood). It has almost only top reviews on TripAdvisor (thanks to Jo for the link!), serves free blackcurrant gin and chocolate every evening, and everyone is supposed to walk around in slippers in the rooms…

I’m currently skimming my newly bought guide for attractions to visit. We’re staying from Thursday to Monday, if anyone has been there and would like to share some tips. Of course there are the classics like the red light district, the museums and the coffee shops, but I’m not sure that tickles my fancy yet. Sure, I could take advantage of the situation and try some marijuana while it’s legal, but I could also strive to be the oldest living weirdo who’s never been over the rainbow.

Thoughts, anyone?


2 thoughts on “We’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Am

  1. Well, actually I’ve never been there. But I have some Dutch friends over here, and they say the church in the Red Light District would be one highlight (if you find somebody to open it for you). Also they recommend the “Bulldog” coffeeshop… I’m really curious about how you will like it. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Oh it´s beautiful, you´ll love it! We´ve been there in May. Do not miss the zoo and the Vondelpark – of course a tour on the canals should be on your list!. there are hop on-hop off stations everywhere, very easy. Maybe you´ll have time to visit the Van Gogh Museum or the house of Anne Frank if you´re interested. Anyway – Amsterdam is fun!! 🙂

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