Winter Wonderland

Well folks, it’s official – winter is here. I was warning people all Thursday and Friday long… but would they listen instead of making fun of me and my wool bonnet? Nooo. Would they believe me when I said that it would drop to the minus degrees and actually snow? Nooo. But they did have a point. It hardly ever snows here, because we’re in between two rivers – ergo not high up, ergo warmer than the surrounding areas. Plus, we have a chemical factory providing us with a protective bubble of unnatural air and unusual meteorological conditions.

But it did. It snowed! It got really freaggin’ freezing and snowed! Yay! I love me some snow. Maybe because I was born in a blizzard (not a little wind and cold, not a snow storm, an real blizzard). Yes, that would be a good reason. While others love the summer and have trouble once it gets nippy, I get all the merrier. It’s a time to hustle and bustle instead of being lazy, a time to get cozy and warm and snuggle instead of keeping distances and trying not to sweat profusely. The world always seems more quiet and peaceful when there’s snow. The day is brighter when the sun reflects on it’s twinkly glitzy surface.

It’s a wintery Sunday today, which means I’m sitting inside with a nice hot cup of tea (I’d make hot chocolate with marshmallows if I had any) and some very comfy new sweat pants (which I normally only use for the gym. seriously.). It is actually so cold, that I had to turn on the thermostat, which I very rarely have to do. When I look outside I can see the Christmas market being built up, the carousel, the little wooden houses with white roofs and all the bright lights. Sure, this means there’s now room or time or mood for Thanksgiving, which is too bad, but there’s Glühwein and heiße Maroni and Lebkuchen and Stollen here instead.

Welcome, winter!


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