My two cents

So Monday night, after the rather eventful day, it was time to go to a restaurant my little sister had chosen for her birthday (a tradition in our family). I would have been looking forward to this, had we not already eaten a big meal at lunch and would my mothers “partner” not be tagging along. I thought it would be just the family, which would have been real nice, but as soon as he’s around it’s all about him. And it doesn’t help that I know too much about his bad qualities. But to top it off, he’s french.

Now normally people know me as a very open, unbiased, undiscriminating person. But for some reason, the french just rub me the wrong way. It’s been like this since we moved here and it seems to be getting worse ever since I’ve been successfully living somewhere else. Seriously, these people are so blatantly annoying to me that I couldn’t even begin to explain what bothers me about them. As soon as I see one – and I’m probably just imagining that I can actually spot them by eye – I cringe. The BF has heard me bicker so often about how they can’t drive, speak English or do anything right even if their life depended on it, that he told me: surely there’s something they’re good at. And frankly, I couldn’t think of anything.

Except maybe cooking. But then again you have to be prepared for it. Sure, they’re as good at making haute cuisine as well as anything fatty with intestines and blood from the countryside, but I came from the States when I moved here. A palate that has been brought up on pure chemicals and sugar cannot comprehend that this level of unprocessed product (like a chicken that still has feathers, feet and a head rather than a light colored genetically modified muscle with no skin or veins or anything associated with life) is edible. In fact, at first I only ordered steak haché frittes because it was the only thing that resembled food to me. Since then, I have learned. And maybe I even miss a boulangerie-pâtisserie now and then. But that’s it!

All this to say that I spent my Tuesday getting settled in. I packed out my stuff, created my own account on the PC and ran all the updates (I’m the only one who takes care of this thing), took the dog for a walk, picked up the kid, did her homework with her, made her dinner and put her to bed. My mom was out of town with her guy, and the babysitting was kind of sprung on me, but it still went fine because my little sis is like the easiest kid in the world. I then tried to sleep myself, and by cleverly keeping the door shut all day I managed to gather enough heat for it to be possible to sleep without my sweatshirt. I did keep all three blankets, though. It’s friggin’ cold in this big old house.


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