Three’s a crowd

Third day in France, Wednesday. Over here, kids have a day off on Wednesday (and usually have to go to school on Saturday instead), which they use for extracurricular activity (wouldn’t want them to get lazy!). My little sister goes swimming, which is why I was alone when I got up (rather late) that morning. By the time I ate breakfast and took a shower, it was noon. I decided (more or less) to waste my day in front of the computer. Downloaded some new episodes, wrote a post, read the entire blog called Nothing for Ungood.

It’s a site written by John, who pokes fun at life in Germany through an American perspective. Something right up my alley. I recognized myself and my friends in alot of these awkward situations and had to laugh out loud several times. It also reminded me of the present I’m giving my mom for Christmas – a book called Culture Shock Germany. I can’t wait to give it to her, the anecdotes are making my head explode.

Speaking of presents, in a phone conversation with The BF I learned that he totally blew his. Apparently, I wasn’t clear enough on the fact that he shouldn’t buy anything until Christmas, not excluding any certain areas of purchase that might be ok. Long story short: he bought himself a book I was going to give him. So now I have to find something else. Good thing we said we would give each other the presents after Christmas, when I’m back home. And at least I know I can get his taste right…

I probably should add that it was cold and gray and rainy that day (a not uncommon occurrence here), so I couldn’t even go out to the woods with my dog. And when it started getting dark, it started getting lonely. It is really quiet around here, and I know I complain a lot about the noise around my apartment, but being alone in a big empty house when it’s dark outside and not a sound is to be heard – well that’s just creepy.

Luckily, at some point, my family did decide to come back home. I then remembered that I wanted to fill out my family tree while I was here. I hardly know anything about my ancestry, which is probably why it interests me so much. I found a site (in German: where you can create a virtual family tree. I knew my mom kept an old book from my Oma somewhere, which lists her ancestors back to the mid-1700s. So I asked her to get it out, and then we realized it wouldn’t be as simple as just reading the names, dates and adresses off and then putting them into the computer – it was all written in an ancient German font. Now usually I can make out enough letters to understand the gist, but this wasn’t only written in Kurrentschrift, it was also in handwriting. So we spent the evening hovered over this old book, trying to decipher the names – and got up to about the fourth generation.


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