The only odd untouchable number

Friday was a slow day. I got up really late – or at least that’s what I thought, since there was bright sunshine coming through my undraped window. When I went upstairs to get breakfast (oh yeah – I should have mentioned my room is in the basement, one reason for its Siberian temperatures) my mom was just about to leave (to meet you-know-who for who knows what). So I was alone in the house again. No biggy, thought I, my breakfast can also be comfyly taken in front of an episode of Lost (!). After that I got dressed (duh… first tip of exciting blogging: do not write the obvious), made me some nice hot tea and got crackin’ on that book I have to read for my upcoming exam (700 pages, yay!).

After a short yet nerve-racking intermission in which my mom and her guy showed up unexpected “to grab a cup of coffee” – which means they set up camp in the kitchen, next to the living room where I was, to make disgusting smooching noises and pretend I wasn’t there – I decided it was time to take my dog for a walk in the forest. It was much nicer this time, since I didn’ t leave in a hurry, which means we had plenty of time to wander little winding paths, and the sun was shining, which is always a pleasant companion. Still, my dog is an expert in finding puddles. He seriously hunts down every single one of them along our way, not to drink from them (which he occasionally does), but to wad through them. The muddier, the better. In conclusion, his whole lower half was wet and dirty. Now this doesn’t bother me, since I come prepared with jeans that can be shaken against and footwear the equivalent of a four-wheel-drive, but can you imagine the moms at my little sis’ school, when I was standing there waiting for her to come out? Priceless fun! One actually screamed at her kid to not go near us. I’m guessing that means I’m a good influence on the little one.

The evening was then spent eating a heated-up meal by my mom, some more series and some more reading. In between all that: a call to The BF, who is sadly very tired and breaking out a cold. I wish I could be there to cuddle him and make him feel better, but alas all I can do is miss him.


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